Where is Graze Gourmet located?
We are based in Chicago and deliver within Chicago and to the surrounding suburbs.

How do I order?
Please email hello@grazegourmetco.com to place an order. We hope to have online ordering up and running soon. 

Do you deliver?
Yes. Delivery costs $10 within Chicago city limits and $20 to the suburbs (within 25 miles of downtown Chicago). Please email us at hello@grazegourmetco.com to inquire about delivery to your location. Please note that a minimum order of $100 (not including the delivery fee) is required for delivery to the suburbs.

How does a platter subscription work?
We offer monthly subscriptions of our two most popular platters, the Fruit, Cheese & Meat and the Classic Crudités. Customers with a platter subscription will receive an invoice at the beginning of each month. Based on the number of platters subscribed to, the customer lets us know (at any time throughout the month) when and where (within Chicago City limits) the platters should be delivered. If all of the platters aren't utilized for the month, they rollover to the following month. You can cancel or change your subscription at any time.

How early in advance do I need to order my board(s)?
Please give us at least 48 hours notice. We may be able to accommodate something last-minute though- just ask!

How many people do your boards serve?
Our small boards serve 4-6, our medium boards serve 10-12, and our large boards serve 20-24, all as a hearty appetizer.

What is each platter served on?
Each platter arrives in a box on a hand-cut and treated birch wood board that you get to keep.

My platter won't be served until later in the day. How should I store it?
Keep your platter(s) refrigerated until you plan on serving them, if not eating right away. Note that Fruit, Cheese & Meat boards should be served at room temperature (the cheese will taste best), so take them out of the refrigerator at least 30 minutes prior to serving. 

Feel free to email us at hello@grazegourmetco.com with any additional questions.